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2 Things EVERY Newly Engaged Couple should do before announcing their engagement during the holidays

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

*Includes a free Getting Started Checklist!

So many couples take advantage of the Christmas Holidays to propose, and it is easy to see why. This time of year is so special with big family gatherings, twinkly lights, and hot chocolate, eggnog, or a nice glass of wine by a roaring fire. Many people also get a few extra days off work, so it is the perfect setting to announce your engagement and have a little bit extra to celebrate this time of year.

Getting engaged during Christmas. Holiday proposal.

One little (or big and stressful) thing that happens the second you announce your engagement, are all of the questions. Trust me, they will come in hard and fast, and you do not want to be sitting around a turkey dinner table with 20 relatives unprepared for this wedding-plan interrogation.

With that in mind here are two things to do as soon as you are ready to get in front of friends and family with the big news.


Take a day just to yourselves to make a bit of a game plan. Why not check into a hotel for a spa day, or just turn off your social media and lock your doors and don't tell anyone you are home!

Decide on how long you want to be engaged for, and how much information you want to share right away with your friends and family. It's great to be on the same page here, and have a few facts or bits of information ready for when the questions start rolling in. It could be as simple as "we will likely be planning for a summer 2020 wedding date, and think we would like to keep it a small intimate celebration".


I have put together a pretty handy "Getting Started" checklist that should help the two of you get started on your wedding plans. Go through these items before you start scheduling venue tours or booking anything, as the last thing you want to do is start looking into things that are out of your budget, or that won't end up suiting the overall experience you would like to have on your big day!

Download your checklist HERE:

Let me know if you found this checklist useful!

Janis Martinello WPICC, DWC

Principal Event Planner

Brocade Events

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That is the best advise for every newly engaged couple.

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