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Introductions Time

Janis Martinello WPICC - Principal Event Planner for Brocade Events

Happy Friday everyone! On social media today is Friday Introductions day. Seeing as I haven't ever posted an introduction, I decided to share a little bit about myself here for you today.

Here is the back story on how I got here:

I am the owner and Principal Event Planner for Brocade Events, and I started this company almost 9 years ago.

At the time, I was working in Sales Management which was definitely not my passion, and I was looking for a new career path. For years I had known that I wanted to go into business for myself and be my own boss. What I didn't know, was what that business would be until I started planning my own wedding. I had found my people!

I knew that I fit into this industry right away. I also knew that I could give couples and clients a really professional, positive, supportive, organized, and fun experience while planning their weddings and events.

I connected with some wonderful people in the wedding industry, found myself a mentor to talk through my business plan (Thanks Irina!), got certified as a wedding planner (Thanks WPIC!), launched Brocade Events, and have never stopped learning and growing since then.

A few things about me:

1. Above all else, I love people! I could have gone into psychology if I wasn't such a lost soul in high school. I love making sure that people feel at ease no matter their background, wackadoo family members, or whatever else may be going on behind the scenes at their wedding or in their lives.

2. I turned 40 this year, and it didn't even bother me LOL. I have a pretty good life and feel so grateful to be living it.

3. Oddly (no pun intended) I like the number 3, and numbers that are divisible by 3. If I get a hotel with a room number that is divisible by three, I feel very satisfied.

4. I hate the terms "girl boss", "boss babe", or anything of the sort. When was the last time you referred to a male entrepreneur as a "boy boss"? Never. I just think the whole concept is weird and unnecessary.

5. I have three children (all boys) and two Cornish Rex cats who are the reasons why I can't own nice things.

Well, thanks for taking the time to get to me. Do you have any questions, or want to more more? Let me know below, or feel free to reach me through DM, email or social media.

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